Tax, Trust & Estate

Our specialist Tax, Trusts & Estates team can help you to achieve all of your succession and financial management objectives in a straightforward, timely and cost efficient manner.

We pride ourselves on having a long established history of acting for several generations of the same families in helping them to achieve these objectives.

We are, and will always remain, committed to providing you with the very best practical legal advice.

Our four specialist services which will help you to achieve your objectives are our :

1. Wills and inheritance planning services

2. Incapacity planning and management service

3. Estate administration service

4. Trust creation and administration service.

Corporate & Commercial Legal Services

  • At Gifour we realise that any business, whether small or large, needs good legal advice. 

    We have a proven track record in advising small to medium businesses as well as large corporates. 

    We offer you a service equivalent to a city-centre firm but without the associated high costs.

    Whether you are starting up, growing or considering selling your business, you can be assured that whatever the size of your company we will provide sound, helpful advice for all your needs.

    Our expertise covers a range of business legal needs from employment matters, property issues, dispute resolution, debt and asset recovery to shareholder arrangements and day to day operational issues.

    Commercial Contracts

    Do your commercial contracts provide you with adequate protection? 

    This is a question that every company owner and manager should ask on a regular basis, since it is essential that your contracts are well drafted and watertight in order not to put your business at risk.

    Company Formations

    Gifour can help you with all aspects of business administration, including company formations. 

    We provide a full service with a range of ‘pre-formed’ or ‘tailor-made’ company formations and associated services.

    Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the entire process, from completing and submitting your application to Companies House, right through the incorporation of your Limited Company. Not only will we will assist in the creation of your company but also advise you on the relationships within the company – namely between the shareholders so that suitable agreements are in place that will avoid prolonged and expensive disputes in the future.

Estate Administration Services

We are here to help you when you encounter bereavement.

We will offer you a sympathetic ear and practical advice to help you through this difficult time. We can help you to :

  • Understand the implications of the terms of a Will or the intestacy rules if there was no Will.
  • Mitigate any potential tax charges on the estate by identifying and claiming all relevant tax exemptions.
  • Deal with all of the procedural aspects of administering an estate including :
    • Obtaining a Grant of Probate
    • Dealing with all international tax matters
    • Distributing the estate’s net assets to the entitled recipients
    • Preparing detailed estate accounts
    • Advising on how to deal with any foreign aspects such as an overseas asset and foreign taxes

  • Identify any inheritance planning opportunities for the next generation through the use a tax planning tool called a Deed of Variation.

Partnership or Joint Venture

If two or more parties wish to come together for a common business venture, they are essentially faced with a choice between four legal entities – corporation, limited partnership, partnership or joint venture. 

A number of factors will determine which entity is most appropriate to any given situation.

For example, for those who are only interested in a relationship for the duration of a specific project, a joint venture arrangement is often chosen.

A joint venture agreement looks quite different from that made for a partnership, and each has their own tax and legal implications. 

At the start of a joint venture or partnership, the thought of a future dispute is often the last thing on your mind.

Unfortunately however, experience tells us that problems can, and often do, arise. As a result, we strongly advise our clients going down this route to consider every aspect of the venture at the outset and make a formal agreement before going ahead.

This often saves a good deal of stress, anxiety and money further down the line.

If you are thinking about embarking on a partnership or joint venture, get in touch with the team at Gifour.

Our often recommend that parties to an agreement should discuss amongst themselves what they consider to be the main aspects of the arrangements, as well as any potential problems and preferred solutions.

This can help to focus minds, and streamline the process once you meet up with us.